Introducing Safari Sadie's Rubber Jungle Revue!


A fresh, high-energy Balloon stage show; Sadie takes your guests on safari through the rainforest where craziness is sure to follow! This thirty minute fun-packed show has what it takes to keep every age group bouncing in their seats AND is educational! With music, comedy, and LOTS of BALLOONS the audience experiences the sights and sounds of a place far away as they come in contact with the rubber creatures that "live" there! Sadie will sing and dance her way into the hearts of her fellow explorers as they are invited to step into her zany world and when the show is over… it's not really over! Sadie then twists some quick and silly hats with the 70+ balloons that have just bombarded the audience! EVERYONE loves presents and each young explorer invited up on stage will go home with one! The entire audience receives a list of Sadie's favorite books about the rainforest on their very own bookmarker!


© Becky's Creations 2018

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